Salesforce service is a type of cloud computing service that provides a platform for customer service and support by customer relationship management (CRM).

Our salesforce services will help your organization with one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer across multiple channels. With our salesforce service your customers will be benefited as service cloud can listen and respond to customers across a range of social platforms and automatically guide cases to appropriate agents.

Salesforce customer success platform helps our social team by gathering information of the customer to inform responses. Customer support software is embedded into apps with the help of service for apps. Our services can help your customers on app by mobile services like agent live chat, screen sharing and on-screen guided assistance.

9 key features for Service Cloud Platform by Salesforce:

  1. Agent Workspace – It is a user interface for customer service agents.
  2. Case management – Means agents can juggle various cases across various platforms by using service console
  3. Knowledge management
  4. Service process automation – with the help of AI, support functions can be automated
  5. Omnichannel routing – Cases are directly routed to employees based on their qualifications
  6. Service analytics – Employees are given easy access to reporting and key CRM data by Dashboards
  7. Computer telephony integration – Managing customer calls with their information in hand
  8. Automation with macros – Automation of repetitive customer service tasks
  9. Asset and order management – Customer data such as order and support history are tracked.